Here at Valley, we were in need of space. The most pressing need we had was for parking and educational space (specifically more room for our children and students). In 2014, as we moved forward in pursuing plans to expand, we asked God to help us to maintain focus on what the true task at hand really was.

It is easy for any of us to focus on earthly, temporal things, while losing sight of eternal, forever things. So as we moved into a period of building expansion the real goal was kingdom expansion. The mission is always about reaching people with the gospel and building those people up to walk with God as true disciples. As you know, Jesus didn’t come to earth to give His life for buildings; He gave His life a ransom for people with souls.

We kicked off our expansion project giving with an offering on August 3, 2014. We challenged the body at Valley to raise $100,000 dollars before we would move forward with construction, a goal which was reached in December 2014. By the beginning of June 2016, we praise the Lord that we were able to open the new section of the building!

We know that “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it,” and that all efforts to please God done in our power are futile. So we ask that you pray with us that God would continue to supply, lead, and guide the body of Valley to use our facilities as a tool to reach and train many adults, students and children for the glory of the only One who is worthy, Jesus Christ.

•6,618 square foot of Building
•Teen Room
•Children’s Room
•4 Smaller classrooms for adult or children ministry
•Boys and Girls Bathrooms.
•56 additional parking spots
•Required landscaping
•Expansion of the retention pond