Day 2  We arrived at the Score headquarters around 11:15 last night.  Everyone on the trip is doing well.  Our day started this morning at 7:30 with breakfast,t then we went to a Haitian village about 30 minutes from Juan Dolio. (Yes, we are in the Dominican and I did say Haitians. The French land owners brought Haitians over to work in their sugar cane fields because they would work for less than DR people.)  What was really neat was that several years ago Pastor D came to this same village with a group of teens from his church in Texas.  At that point there was no church in this very poor village, and now there is. (No one had electricity or plumbing and their water source was brought in to them in a tanker).  We were able to worship with these dear people this morning.  This has been a slow day other than church this morning.  We will be hitting it hard in the morning doing ministry.  Thank you for your prayers; enjoy the video of what has gone on so far.