Today, we visited 3 ministry sites. Our first ministry site was another village, where we ministered to the children. We all developed such special bonds through our interaction with sports, bubbles, crafts, and puppets. It is amazing to see how the children become so attached to us. For the second ministry site, we returned to the same village we worshiped at on Sunday. What a wonderful opportunity to continue to build relationships with the people! We had the pleasure of delivering food to some of the people and pray for them. We hope in the future to revisit this village and further develop our relationships with these people. At the last ministry site, the guys played basketball against the Dominicans. Despite a tough game, the guys were awesome. It was really encouraging seeing the people listen to the Gospel. It was a long day of ministry, but we are excited for what God is doing here and will continue to do.  Written by: Amanda Aust