DAY 35


DATE:  2/4/2013


Good Morning!  My name is Jane Barrick and I was asked to give you a devotional thought from the book of Habakkuk 1 and 3.



Habakkuk 1:2 and 33; 3:19


How long oh Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen, Why do you make me look at injustice?  Why do you tolerate wrong doing?  (1:2, 33 – NIV)


The Lord God is my strength, and He will give me the speed of a deer and bring me safely over the mountains.  (3:19 – TLB)




Habakkuk is not a book we hear about very often, yet it has a powerful message of faith.  Paul quoted passages from this book when writing Romans and Galatians.  The first chapter is an oracle of Habakkuk’s woe (whining and complaining.)  This is the story of a spiritual journey and the testimony of a man who travels from his perplexity of doubt to reclaiming his faith.


The Babylonians were growing in power and marched against Jerusalem.  They were an evil pagan empire and known for their brutality.  Habakkuk was overwhelmed by the circumstances that surrounded him.  He couldn’t see God’s hand anywhere and he believed God had abandoned the faithful.  He described the scene as violent with great difficulties, no justice prevailing and evil surrounding the righteous.  Habakkuk cries out and openly questions God about the fact that He would use the evil Babylonian empire to execute judgment on Judah for their unfaithfulness and worshiping false gods.  “Yahweh, how long will I cry, and you will not hear?” he asks.  In the last part of chapter one the prophet expresses frustration and shock at God’s choice of judgment and why He is standing idly by while the wicked destroy the righteous.  Habakkuk continues his complaining questions, “Will you let them get away with this forever?”




Does this line of questioning sound familiar?  How often we allow surrounding circumstances to overwhelm our faith, causing us to doubt God’s plan.  Satan uses such circumstances to distract and deceive us.  Satan is pleased when we are whining and complaining instead of standing firm in our faith and trusting in God’s sovereignty.  This is exactly where Satan wants us, and that is where he had Habakkuk in chapter one.  But Habakkuk questioned and waited on God; God answered and explained.  Allowing Himself to be questioned by one of His followers, God reveals to us His longsuffering and grace.


After receiving God’s message of assurance in chapter two, Habakkuk recognized God’s great love and concern for His people.  Scripture tells us how his vision was changed.  Habakkuk had risen above the circumstances and placed his hope in God.  He no longer was a victim controlled by his circumstances.  He expressed his ultimate faith, even though he didn’t fully understand.  Habakkuk went from complaints to praise, from Satan’s snares to God’s truth, from doubts to faith.  The final chapter is a psalm of poetry praising God as the source of his strength and joy.  When you find yourself overwhelmed with doubts and questions, go directly to the source:  Yahweh.  He wants us to come to Him.  The message of Habakkuk is one of assurance of God’s great love and concern for us.  He is faithful to the righteous even during times of pouring out His wrath; He did not forget to provide mercy to His children (3:2).  The Lord God is our source of strength and joy. (3:19)


Thank you for being a part of the Route 66 Challenge.  Thanks for reading, and you have a blessed day.


In Christ,




SAVED:  age 10


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