DAY 21

DATE: 1/21/2013

Good Morning!  My name is Will Jackson and I was asked to give you a devotional thought from the book

of Ecclesiastes, chapters 1 and 12. 


Ecclesiastes 1:4

One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.


In Ecclesiastes, we see that much of the book is dedicated to reminding sinful man about why we are alive.  In reminding us of this fact, the author takes us on a little bit of a journey exploring God’s basic principles of life.  The book begins in Chapter 1 by stating that the things we try to accomplish in our life are pointless.  The word the author uses consistently is vanity:  “vanity of vanities” and “all is vanity.”  I am sure many people have heard of the verse that talks of how our works are as filthy rags.  The Lord constantly points out the fact that the things we try to do for ourselves are nothing in the beginning and the end.  What value do our earthly pursuits have to us when we die?  Well, the cool thing about this book is that it doesn’t just stop by simply telling us that all is vanity and that there is nothing new under the sun.  This book was written to remind us of the basic truths that the Lord would have us never forget.  Chapter 3 tells us that there is a season for everything.  Chapter 6 states that we must remember to enjoy the blessings God gives to us.  Chapter 11 talks of how we do not know why God does the things He does.  Finally, chapter 12 allows us to come full circle and to remember what life is all about.  In verse 13 it states that we are to fear God and keep His commandments.  Notice it does not stop there.  The verse ends with the phrase, for this is the whole duty of man.  God continually wants me and you to recognize that we can’t forget what life is all about.  We are just deceiving ourselves if we think that after salvation there is nothing else to consider.  No, our salvation is just the beginning and definitely not the end.


We are called to fear God and to obey His commandments according to verse 13 in chapter 12.  God gave us His life – eternal life.  God is never going to die.  God is never going to get tired.  God is never going to change.  He is the same today, tomorrow, and even eight years from today or tomorrow.  This book is a great reminder for us to live a life that is pleasing to God.  We are to keep His commandments and share the gospel truth with those around us.  I fail every day to remember ALL the truths of Scripture.  God understands that we won’t retain everything He wrote to us.  That’s why He gave us the Bible to read all our life.  For a wake-up call, He gave us Ecclesiastes.  This book reminds us that the things we value as important in society are really not.  The most important and fundamental truth of life is to fear our God and obey Him.  The cool thing about obeying Him is that we are at peace when we do.


Thank you for being a part of the Route 66 Challenge.  Thanks for reading, and you have a blessed day!

In Christ,

Will Jackson


WHEN YOU GOT SAVED:  Assurance at fourteen years of age, 2005


FAMILY:  Parents Bob and Margie; Grandma Marjorie; Siblings Jessica, Amanda, Rebecca, Daniel

OCCUPATION:  Fully employed academic learner OR: college student

DREAM VACATION:  Scuba diving in the ocean near Guam

HOBBIES:  Politics and Investing